Day one of this blog......

Why am I doing this?????Well I'm finding that I'm fairly lonely, occassionally bored and very over facebook so here we go. What will I blog about, who knows probably random stuff. You will have to excuse my poor blogging skills, hopefully this will improve.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Random and the new look blogger is freakin me out

I'm not sure this will even work as I think the software at work is not compatible to the new look blogger or something. I went out to a daytime gig on saturday at the Ivy. Which was suprisingly good, I was convinced there was no way I was getting in due to not possibly having the look they were after. But no fear as it was a Laundry sponsored gig (Chinese Laundry not the generic washing kind) everything was good to go. The venue was great, in the connecting laneway there were all these suspended bird cages which were fantastic to look at and then the inside was just as impressive. The company was good as there managed to be about 15 of us in the end. The crowd were generally good and there weren't too many glamours or annoying people and finally the dj's played awesome sets. To which Bella and I stayed dancing till we left at 7pm (yes an adult gig that finished at 7pm).
Here is a list of random occurances of the night (I love when things like this happen)-
1. A homeless guy gave me directions to the Ivy. I thought he was asking for a lighter but he was kindly pointing me to the entrance which was hard to find.
2. I only received 2 cigarette burns and one headbutt and only nearlly ended up in one fight.
3. Three of our party were asked to leave for being too out of it.
4. A nice young man kindly asked Bella if he could dance with me.
5. The guys weren't too sleazy.
6. I was in bed by 9.30pm but sadly sleep was not my friend.

I have discovered the best way for me enjoy work at the moment by accidentally having my nerve blocking medication making me feel slightly not as sharp as usual. It's been awesome, tripping through the days and even though I've had some heated arguments and other not so funny things happen they have seemed funny to me. And also when I had an old guy tell me he didn't mean to sound sleazy but I had a nice figure I laughed it off.

I promise to post photo's soon.

Monday, April 16, 2012

As per usual just slack at posting

That about suns it up at the moment but there hasn't really been alot going on. I do have some photo's to post but am typing this at work so don't have the photo's.

I have deferred my study for the moment (not really sure I'll go back to teaching though) for a variety of reasons:
a) submitted the first major assignment and was pretty sure it would fail.
b) felt like I couldn't put in an adequate effort combined with working, looking after Dios and pretty much having to do most of the house work at home.
c) remembered how much I hated studying
d) wasn't really sure I wanted to be a teacher.
e) care factor was minimal
f) not sure I want to spend Dios' growing years not really being there for him.

So as per usual its back to the drawing board on the whole career thing, actually I'm a bit over it. Some days I can convince myself its not that bad- work is pretty cruisy, don't get hassled alot and I leave work at work. But most of the time it's hard to convince myself that I love staring at a computer and writing reports on stuff where the care factor is low.

I made Dios some 'icecream' last night and found it rather tasty and super easy. The only thing in terms of preparation is having frozen bananas handy.
I mixed four frozen bananas with a hand held mixer (thanks Kao for the Chrissy present) and then added some Jalna bush honey yoghurt. Mix till the consistency is creamy. Pretty good and pretty healthy plus gets rid of over ripe babana's.

I'll post photos soon.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fashion fail

My thongs have broken, not just having blown out but they have actually developed holes under the ball of the foot plus being blown out. Maybe not that sad but when they developed holes I realised that they had become my only pair of open summer shoes. Then on reflection I realised that I am definitely going through a fashion fail phase. Maybe I can get my act together for next Spring/Summer and wear something other than thongs. Might be asking too much, we will see.

So far on my quest to be a little kinder to the planet I have purchased a re-usable water bottle and not done much more than that. Pretty slack, I know.

Dios is walking and climbing everything. Pretty cute watching him toddle around.

I have been doing my Grad Dip in teaching for four weeks now and its a bit of a shock to the system. My brain definitely ain't what it used to be. I have to do a Slow Motion project for one of my assignments which has got me slightly stumped at the moment.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Feeling blah

Well I've been feeling blah about pretty much everything lately, but I did find this awesome blog called little eco footprints- Which is very inspiring but also remidns me how crap I have been at trying to reduce my eco footprint. Something I need to get a handle on, small steps will buy a reusable drink bottle this week and then build to trying not to buy things from the supermarket.
Dios had his 12 month check this week and during that check it made me wonder if people always tell the truth when they are being psychologically questioned. I had to fill in a depression scale question sheet and when the nurse was asking me some questions after I had filled it in I realised I was glossing over how I was feeling sometimes (nothing major just missing having friends , over house work and wondering how my life ended up being so white bread). But I didn't really feel like discussing it further, so got me questioning does anyone tell the truth, the whole truth?????

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Perfect day

I was thinking the other day 'What would my perfect day be?'
So here is briefly what I thought, there are some censored bits.
  • Sunrise run on the beach with the dogs;
  • breakfast, no specifics on the type of food but I wouldn't be cooking or cleaning up;
  • pilates session and then a swim at the beach;
  • lunch with all my friends, once again I ain't cooking
  • afternoon horseride;
  • dinner with friends again;
  • an evening spent dancing to my favourite dj's;
  • watching the sun come up.
Thrown in there would be time spent hugging and playing with my little boy and time spent with his dad. Awesome food and beverages is a must as is the company I would keep on this journey. We can but dream, hey. My days aren't quiet like that. The other day which was memorable I managed to spill dog biscuits all through the kitchen, have wheetbix thrown on me and loose a botton on my shirt. When at work I discovered other crusty wheetbix, legs that needed shaving plus toe nails that hadn't been painted for god knows how long in shoes that displayed said legs. Got to stare at the computer for 8 hours then home to cleaning, dinner needing to be cooked and a lawn to mow.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cake faces

First birthday cake face

Chase enjoying birthday cupcakes


So the first birthday has come and gone and we celebrated by having a pub lunch with cupcakes. It was a lovely day and made more wonderful by all the people that came. Thank you everyone. Dios really loved his gifts, playmates and the cupcakes.
Initially I started out trying to find a sugar free cake recipe but as Kao pointed out birthdays only happen once a year so a little sugar isn't that harmful. The cupcakes didn't look that beautiful but they tasted pretty good. The recipe is as follows (or what I can remember anyway)-
2 eggs
125mls cream
1 cup of self raising flour
3/4 cup caster sugar
tspn vanilla
I added one cup of coconut

Mix all  this together place in cupcake casing and bake in a 180 degree C oven for 15-20mins.
I added lemon, coconut and cream cheese icing to the cupcakes when they cooled.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things that make me happy

Lately I have been able to go for a few runs and also a few horse rides ( yay) which has made me extremely happy to be back in the saddle as they say. It seems the older I am getting the more I like doing the same stuff I did when I was younger. Riding again is a bit of a tease though as I drive further than the time I get riding.But hey beggers can't be choosers.
Someone buy me this pony? He is an andalusian that is at the place I go riding.

This is Libby, well her eye anyway.

Dios turned one yesterday, we got there. I'm sure there will be alot more to learn now but things did seem to get easier from the 6 month point. Still forget I'm a mum most days though (when I'm away from him that is).
He has four teeth at the moment aswell.