Day one of this blog......

Why am I doing this?????Well I'm finding that I'm fairly lonely, occassionally bored and very over facebook so here we go. What will I blog about, who knows probably random stuff. You will have to excuse my poor blogging skills, hopefully this will improve.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not long now

Less than  a week till I go to Bali, feeling slightly freaked out but everything is booked and paid for. I haven't packed my bag yet but that will come.

 I'm sending a massive wish to what ever gods there are that my little boy is ok and enjoys the time with Dad and Aunty Bella.

I've found a horse to ride (sort of tick on my list of wants) she is a warmblood mare that is rather green but has lovely paces. I went for a ride on Sunday and am going again this weekend. Can't wait riding again reminded me how much I have missed it and that instead of kicking myself for not being crafty I need to remember the things I'm good at and have a passion for.

Dios and I went and visited my friend Peta today in Gloucester and met her new baby girl. So cute, it was funny though seeing a new born made Dios look huge when I consider him to be tiny.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More photos

I have new editing software that I have no idea how to use ( need a manual but know I'll fail to read that just like I have failed to read the manual for my camera) but I have been having a bash anyway. What I want to do is pop art some of the cow photos so once I've worked that out I'll let you know.

Dad and bub- this was when Dios first came home.


I love cows they have such beautiful eyes

Monday, November 28, 2011

Usual story

Due to the usual things happening when I try to do something ( no credit for internet, car break downs and my tardiness and uncertainty) I failed to enter a photo in the Canon comp. So here are a few I prepared earlier-

This was the picture I had planned to enter.

So usual story I don't think they are very good but it was fun taking the photos.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I turned sideways

I turned sideways this morning and realised that I am now (thanks to breastfeeding etc) seriously flat chested. Not that I had alot to begin with but I am a little sad at this. How quickly they go
 I am now possibly a A cup:( I know its a very trivial issue).

Canon are running a photo competition where you have to take photos featuring a umbrella, I have had one unsatisfactory attempt and now the weather has become feral. But anyway here are a couple of shots.

Since Dios has recovered from his illness he has returned to crawling with vengence, for the first time ever he crawled the full length of the mat they use at swimming. Also he is pulling himself up on everything, which he thinks is awesome. Although yesterday he gave himself a horrible bump when he went head first into a table.

Look what I can do!!!!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sick little boy

I have a sick bub, I took Dios to the doctors on Tuesday because he was overly tired, grizzly and had a temperature. The doctor diagnosed it as a virus, so poor Dios has spent the last four days being quiet unwell with high temps when the weather has also been hot. Today the temps are down BUT unfortunately he is still upset and has a rash so after a call to the health hotline it will be back to the doctors tomorrow. Poor little buddy he is trying so hard to be happy.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Two outings in one week, over load.

Last night I went and saw Arj Barker at the Doylo. Arj Barker was pretty funny but the crowd at the Doylo were slightly scary. They were hectling the comedians but because of their inability to articulate properly it was really hard to understand what they were yelling.

Tomorrow, thanks to my awesome sister, I'm off to Harvest festival to see Portishead. It's been ten years since I last saw them so can't wait.

Dios is crawling which is pretty cool to watch. Yesterday he was crawling after seagulls, he is a determined little dude.

On another baby related note, Dios is nearlly weaned. Just one breastfeed left to go. As part of my weaning plan I am trying to introduce liquids other than formula. So thought I would try goatsmilk, well true to form goats milk is not high on his list of yummy things. Although pretty much any other food is, at the library the other day a little girl was eating a mandarin and Dios wasn't too happy that it wasn't his.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oops nearlly a month since I posted last

Island Vibe

But I have been busy and also forgetting what day it was. Dios has been to his second island and we have had a great time at Island Vibe.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things I have learnt

Time seems to be getting away from me at the moment so sorry for not posting for awhile. Not alot has happened but there are a few things I have learnt over the past two weeks-

1. A new dance, we shall call it the raincoat dance. Bella and I invented this one at Parklife. It's not very sexy and its rather uncomfortable to do as it requires dancing whilst wearing your raincoat, which in my case is rather large. Also the raincoat dance will shred you stockings when the velcro catches them with every move.

2. Festivals are not that fun when you are straight.Also festivals tend to be frequented by weirdoes.

3. Sex shops need sexing up. The interiors need a makeover and also staff need to be a little bit more attractive.

Dios is trying his hardest to crawl and can get up on all fours but when he moves forward he tends to face plant.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

How am I going to achieve my want list?

Thanks for commenting on my wish list Em, it reminded me that I need to have some type of actions in relation to the wish list so here is my action list for my wish list-
1.A house of my own where I could have a veggie garden, paint what I want and not have to deal with bitch landlords.
Well this one is the hard one in economical terms anyway. So the beginning for this one is to start saving, which also relies on No. 4 and also me becoming better at saving. I have a million and one things I want to do with a house of my own but the savings is the first bit. I can probably start on the veggies though and plan to plant some seeds soon. Due to the bitch of a landlord that owns this place not allowing us to plant anything it will be in pots which I will have to remember to water.

2.A horse of my own that I can do dressage and eventing with.
In my spare time when Dios is asleep I have already been daydreaming over my horse via the internet and varius websites. First step though involves pinning Beau down as to whether we are staying in the area or moving. Second back to work to get funding. I'm looking at an ex-racehorse at this stage as that is more achievable then buying the warmblood I drool over.
3.Travel.Travel. Travel. Travel. Travel.
This is a never ending statement but I'm off to Bali in December so I guess a portion of this is achieved. Then Spain within the next few years.
4.To go back to work.
Work has requested I go back three days a week starting in January so I have to arrange care for Dios. I might have to expand this statement to also finding a job that isn't boring but I'll stick with go back to work until I've gone back to work.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm prefixing this post with a massive massive touch wood. On Sunday for the first time since December I am going to a music gig. Massive thanks must go to Kao who will be babysitting whilst I go to Parklife for about four hours.  Four hours is awesome, adult time. The last gig I went to I fainted at so I'm hoping not to repeat that performance.

I have had episode of back pain recently and its funny how you forget what pain feels like. It's been so long since my back has been bad that I had forgotten what actual pain feels like. I think though it appears to be getting better. Due to the back episode I had to trade in the baby bjorn I was walking with and have no upgraded to a ergo which is weird and kinda like a backpack. You can hardly feel 9kg's though which is a bonus.

Friday, September 23, 2011

PETA has a triple X domain

and will be soon making porn to encourage people to become vegan. That's it not much else to say really apart from wondering whether this will indeed increase the number of vegans in the world?????

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wildlife spotting

This weekend Beau, Dios, the dogs and I went to Coffs Harbour on a peace keeping mission. The peace keeping mission was a fail but we stayed in a apartment that had a spa and I did some wildlife spotting. On the drive back from taking the dogs and Dios to the beach I spotted a koala on the road. I stopped the car and got out to make sure the koala was off the road and took these photoes:

Both were taken with my 18-55mm lens so I was about half a metre away from the koala and he/she wasn't bothered at all. The poor thing looks like it has clymadia or some other disease by the clowdy look of its eye. I thought about patting her/him but thought it a bad idea and that I was likely to be bitten and scratched.

Discussions in relation to the failed peace keeping mission got me thinking; is it better to say you love someone when you don't or only say you love someone when you really mean it? Personally I would prefer to know that someone means it when they say they love me.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

More over it than I could possibly imagine

So I just tried to mow the lawn; perfect time Dios has just gone down for his night sleep, there is still a little bit of light left and most importantly I had advised the neighbours that I would be mowing around 5.30pm.
 First step check fuel level in mower, level is non existant.
Go to the garage to look for fuel can, can't find it so call Beau to find out the fuel can is with him so now go on the mowing.
Put mower back in the garage and hand tear some grass out and end up (surprise surprise) itchy so abandon that plan and will now probably have to pay some guy to do it.
This episode has just added to my hate of being at home and doing domestic duties. Thank god that I had coffee with a friend today or I'm not sure where my mental state would be, no wonder valium is the drug of choice for house wives.

On another note but still related to my hood a pet rabbit was eaten by a fox on our doorstep the other night. I'm not sure why the rabbit was roaming the street but I think it won't do that again:)

Monday, September 12, 2011

What do you want from life

Having alot of thinking time on my hands due to most of my daily talking being with a person under 1 I have started to consider what I want out of life. I have discovered a slight problem with this thinking: my independence has been narrowed to occassionally heading to the supermarket minus bub or going for a run minus bub so my faith in my ability to leave the house by myself for a greater time span then 1 hour is pretty minimal. So factoring in this slight problem what I want from life at the moment isn't very grand.

I want-
A house of my own where I could have a veggie garden, paint what I want and not have to deal with bitch landlords.
A horse of my own that I can do dressage and eventing with.
Travel.Travel. Travel. Travel. Travel.
To go back to work.

Not the best list but it would be nice to achieve some of it.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In theory....

In theory public transport is great and has multiple benefits- less carbon emissions, decreases road conjestion is a community benefit and you get to meet other people. Well today I reminded myself that in theory public transport is great but in practise its utterly crap and I want my car back.
Needing to get a few things I decided to catch the bus to Charlestown after Dios had his second sleep, so off we went to catch the bbus at 11:20am. I met a lovely older man at the bus stop so that did at least confirm that you can meet some nice people. Getting on the bus was a tad difficult with the pram but I managed to sit in the pram designated seats and strap the pram in. IT TOOK AN HOUR TO DRIVE TO CHARLESTOWN (normally I think 15 mins max). Fortunately Dios was a trooper and thought it was great that he could small at all the older people on the bus.
I went and did my shopping, Dios had a sleep in his pram and then back on the bus. Unfortunately the trip home was also at the time when school finished so I got onto a very full bus with the pram space already taken. I had to leave my beast of a pram in the centre isle and the bus driver refused to leave the bus stop till someone gave me there seat. Once again it took an hour and once again Dios was a trooper. There were some jems of people on this trip, from the smell and sound of things there were four intoxicated people combined with the classy people that live in my area.
Needless to say if I attempt this again it will only be for a very good reason, secondly planners from the past were insane when they thought  unconnected suburbs would be a great place to live.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In honour of Spring

In honour of Spring I thought I would deface some flowers (or the boredom is finally getting to me). Here are a few samples of my work:

These flowers , Cala Lillies I think, are the only landscaping that exists at our house so I thought it only fitting to give them some colour. I'm now wondering if there are many jobs for flower graffiti artists as I'm definitely gifted.

I found the murial below when I was walking in Newcastle the other day, I think it was on Beaumont St in Hamilton. Very cool.

Em I'm very jealous about your trip to fashion week, I agree it would have been great people watching.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Clothing disfunction

I am having a massive case of having a wardrobe of clothing but nothing to wear. Everything I own is either a) too big b) summer weight c) looks like it was stolen from some hippies or is d) not fit to leave the house in. I'm suffering a major case of also having lost the ability to find clothing that looks any good, I have been to multiple shops and have been unable to find the simplest items e.g tops, even though I had a little bit of cash from Beau's pokie windfall. I know this is extremely trivial to say the least but I am spending at least half an hour a day deciding what to wear and then still looking like I slept in my clothing and also changing 3 or 4 times as nothing looks right.

Dios started swimming lessons on Friday which he loved and was fun to attend. We didn't do any submertion but Dios had the kicking part under way.

The poor little bub had a cold so I'm thinking tonight might not be fun. Over and out.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sleep is wonderful

Last night Dios slept from 6pm to 2.30am with a feed and change then back to sleep till 6.30am so today I don't feel like such a zombie and the world actually feels like a positive place.Due to sleep deprivation not alot has been happening lately. I have purchased bumpers as recommended by you guys and Dios has managed to get about 75% day sleeps in his cot.
Yesterday I purchased a highchair for Dios which apart from being great for eating is also wonderful to wack and great for games of hide and seek.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The world is making me sad

Today I saw Bangalow on morning tv and that made me miss the far north coast way to much. After that it was the baby whale that got beached at the Gold Coast that died and today has sucked hardcore.
Today has just made me extremely sad, also the lack of sleep and massive exhaustion I'm feeling is adding to this sadness. Feeling like such a fish out of water and hoping we will get out of this ghetto soon. Definite lesson in appreciating what you have.
I'm hoping for a night of some sleep so that I at least feel human tomorrow. I'm missing sleep and the ability to give a shit about what I'm feeding myself.
Unfortunately we have a 'maintenance inspection' tomorrow. I hate renting it sux balls big time.
I have brought some cot bumpers so will see how they go. I hope they are the key as Dios is yet to sleep properly in his cot during the day.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

No internet credit makes blogging difficult

Due to my current broke arse situation there is no credit at home so therefore the absence of blogging. My broke arse situation also led to a melt down on Sunday about the lack of clothing that is decent and/or fits correctly in my wardrobe. Beau just looked slightly puzzled when I said I had nothing to wear. On the plus side though for once the tax man is my friend and I'm getting some money back which means I'm definitely going to Bali. YEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAA.
Dios for some reason has decided that his cot is not a good place to sleep during the day. Today for example he has slept in the car, on me after feeding and in the pram. The one time I did try to put him down in the cot all was silent and then after I finished then washing up I heard a cry and went in there to find him rolled over and with his legs stuck in the bars. Does anyone have any suggestion for encouraging sleep in the cot and preventing legs going through the bars. I need a solution as my legs are getting worn out and I'm worried his legs will get hurt.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thank god its not raining anymore and the coolest grave stone ever

Finally its stopped raining, I was starting to get serious cabin fever and had only managed to leave the house three times in three days. And this was to take the dogs walking in the rain, they weren't too impressed. So as the sun was finally shining we headed out to Catherine Hill Bay to stare at waves, drink Moet (thanks Will and Em) and for me to explore the cemetary.

Moet at Catherine Hill Bay, its Sunday and not raining why not.

 I'm not sure  if its a bit weird to wander around cemetaries or not especially if taken photos of people's graves. Catherine Hill Bay cemetary has some interesting grave stones. The photo below is my favourite but there are other interesting ones. I found a grave with a picture of a dog but a persons name, so I'm still pondering whether it was a dog or the dog was the persons' most treasured item. Sadly there were quiet a few graves of babies, both from early 20th century and current dates.
Coolest grave stone ever


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Discovering new unexpected places

Today I went for a walk along the Glenworth track ( I think that's what its called) near Charlestown, it's part of the Fernleigh track . The walk takes you through ( I think) temperate rainforest down to the beach. I didn't even know there was anything like this in Newcastle, so I now have somewhere to take people if they don't mind a walk. I didn't take any photos but will go back and take some next time. The beach we got to also seems to be a favourite with surfers.

Being the thinker I am I have learnt that you cannot go out for wine or dessert when you are the only person at home with a sleeping baby. So the other night when I was craving something sweet I came up with this recipe made out of the rather stark contents of fridge and cupboard unfortunately I couldn't solve the lack of alcoholic beverage as easily.
Citrus self-saucing pudding
2 cups SR flour
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup marmalade
2 dessert spoons butter
1/2 cup sourcream
1/2 cup milk
Mix all of the above ingredients till the consistency of cake, add flour or liquid if too runny or liquidy. Place in cake tea. Juice any citrus ( I used ruby red grapefruit and mandarins) about 2 cups worth. I failed to add sugar to the juice and it was a bit tart so if you like your pudding sweet add sugar. Cook in 200 C overn for 30 mins add cream or icecream if you have any (I didn't).

I've decided that I would like to get a beach cruiser bike and a baby seat or trailer.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday- I love my friends

I am fortunate to have managed to catch up with most of my closest friends recently and it juat reminds me how much I love them (you) all. I hate the fact that we don't all live close to each other though.
As discussed when Bella, Em, Jem and I got together the other day perhaps we should all just relocate to Canada to live close to each and Em also wants to become a moose catcher. I reckon its a goer.

Tonight I am going to watch 'Hall Pass' and 'Black Swan'. Bit of an unusual mix but I also figure watching both those movies together will keep me up past 9pm and force me to get to sleep quicker, here's hoping anyway. Although at the moment its the cold that makes it hard to sleep.

Ellie (for some reason I can't respond to posts) your house is lust worthy also. You have a foal and a very comfy house plus gorgeous girls.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Visiting Chase the space man and lusting after inanimate objects

Chase and Kao
On Thursday I went to visit Kao and Chase in Surry Hills, the journey down wasn't too bad with Dios sleeping most of the way. Chase very kindly shared toys with Dios and demonstrated his awesome raspberry harley davidson skills. Kao and I went for a nice stroll around Centennial Park which had the added bonus of sleep most of the way for Dios and sleep on the way back for Chase.

Sharing toys on the great play mat, note only real men don't wear pants

So after visiting my gorgeous friends Ellie and Kao I am now lusting after other people's houses and furniture. Returning to the ghetto is no help as it just reminds me how crap the house is. Also watching Nick Sculli ads also makes me really want a new leather lounge, stuff that I'd handle a second hand leather or at least matching cloth couch. I know its bad to want material things and I should be happy with my lot but spending so much time in the ghetto makes me like it even less.

On the food front for Dios today he tried kiwi fruit which was a bit of a fail. No dice even with massive aeroplane action.
Beau has left for NZ so I'm home alonish.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday- Jem and Joel's birthday

Well today is Jem and Joel's birthday so happy birthday guys.
Em and Bella are coming to stay when Beau is away in NZ so that's a massive yay otherwise it was going to be an extremely lonely week. On that note Beau has gone out to Jem and Joel's and I'm staying at home with the baby. My life has become such a cliche. I just keep thinking just wait till I go to Bali, this is quiet nasty but will get me through to December I think.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday, spotlight adventures

Today I ventured to Spotlight to buy items to decorate Dios's room. Being a bit of a virgin to spotlight it was a slightly overwhelming experince but I came away with a few bits and pieces to start decorating with. I will add photo's as I complete the pieces. On leaving spotlight I went for a walk along Hunter St in Newcastle and found heaps of cool art, unfortunately I was minus my camera but will take it into Newcastle again soon.
The mail man delivered room stickers for Dios so he now has two elephants in his room. I've decided that the colours I will use for his room are blues, greys, browns and maroons (see below).

My first patchwork quilt (Ellie this is for you)- the quilt pictured was given to my mum when I was a baby. The picture is of the winter side, on the other side is summer fabrics. The quilt fits a queen size bed.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not sure what day in terms of numbers but it is Sunday

OK so I've been away for awhile and not really kept up with the day blogging thing but I do have a reason, Dios and I took a road trip to Armidale.
It didn't start out too well as I headed north along the usual route to find out that mothernature wanted to add extra km's to my journey. I headed to Gloucester to visit a friend and then found out that a landslip had blocked Thunderbolt's way so I had to back track to Dungog then to Singleton and down the New England Highway. All in all the journey was twice as long by the time I got to Armidale. I stayed with beautiful Ellie, Paul and their lovely girls who were great entertainment for Dios. Armidale surprisingly wasn't as cold as expected and it was nice to hang out at Ellie's house and meet the foal that is out there.
The journey back wasn't as bad and I surprised to find out Uralla has a subway.
Dios has started blowing raspberries and squeeling which is a rather amusing way to wake up.
I have also decided that perhaps I was a bit ambitious to believe I could blog everyday so it will probably change to a couple times a week.
I received the pantsuit and have tried it on due to an unfortunate side effect of pregnancy (disappear glutes) the pantsuit doesn't look quiet right. So I will be looking for a new home for it if anyone wants a size 8 Jacqui E green pantsuit let me know.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day eight- on the roll

Today I went down to a playgroup with Jem, playgroup's I think are best enjoyed if your baby is slightly mobile but we did get to do a sing along. I am  proud (sort) to say that I am getting there with the nursery rhymes but I still think that there has got to be some funky tunes out there that parents can enjoy. I do recall Q-Tip doing something on Play School.
It's official Dios is now consistantly rolling from back to front ( I have observed this so know the dogs had no part in it), starting to do that thing where you put them in one place and the next moment they are somewhere else. Hopefully that explains the crap night sleeping.
This blog appears to be a bit baby centric, so I'll have to start thinking of non young person related things to write about. Here's trying anyway.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day-Seven deposit down

Today I paid my deposit for the Bali trip I have planned in December, so to be able to afford the remainder of the money for the trip I will have to not buy myself anything. This means not going to shops:( which is good and bad.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day six- Sunday bbq's without GnT's:(

Sunday usually/traditionally a day of sleeping in well not so for us now. Dios is doing the worst night sleeping since his birth and one of Beau's brother called multiple times in the early hours so sleep went out the window and a 6am rise it was ( I know that's not early but it is when you are getting up every two hours). As it was Sunday we drove into Newcastle to go to the Farmers markets but neither Beau or I had paid attention the week before when told the markets weren't on. So instead we went to  a shopping centre to get breakfast (for Beau) and a massive coffee for me. So not really in keeping with shopping locally etc and I also think the 20 minute drive we made is maybe not that consistant with the theory either. But what ever as previously mentioned I'm already destined for hell due to my environmental distruction.
Upside down with dad

Sunday was a beautiful winters day so we went and had lunch in the park with Jem, Joel,Rosie, Andrew, Erin and their kids, Ruth and the Cathcart grandparents. I had a go on the play equipment with Dios and by myself. Dios went down the slippery slide with me and enjoyed the swings.Sunday though just isn't the same without gin.
Being the party animal I now find myself to be I could not stay up past 7.30pm as it was I was back up at 9pm anyway.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day five- saturday trying out pear and bannana as a facial treatment and getting to know sand

 This morning Dios demonstrated his love of food by spreading it mostly on himself, although it looks like not alot was actually eaten he did consume 3 teaspoons full.
After having had the second nap for the day I took Dios down to the beach as it is quiet a lovely winters day. The sand was alot of fun and the seagulls very interesting.

Well today has been a lovely day, its surprising how much a baby that does their daytime naps combined with sunshine can make you feel the world ain't that bad. I even managed to make some biscuits. Taking the random ingredients of my fridge (sugar, butter, yoghurt, lemon, ginger, flour) I managed to create biscuits that were edible. First time I've done baking in ages.

Day four- Exhaustion

Due to a rather unsettled night for Dios today was a day of exhaustion, I haven't felt this tired in ages.
Beau very nicely offered to get Dios to sleep at about 3pm so I could have a sleep, unfortunately he then decided to go to the supermarket whilst Dios was asleep without telling me and I woke to a screaming baby wondering what the hell had happened. No harm done though and after a feed Dios was  happy again.
In response to yesterdays comments:
As I thought with the flour thing as I have added yeast to flour when making pizza.
Em the appreciation for Flo Rida and buying of said pantsuit is possibly a lowering of standards due to sleep deprivation and limited access to both going out and shopping without infant attached.
I went and had allergy testing to try and narrow down what is freaking my skin out. When tested I reacted to egg white, bakers yeast, brewers yeast, mould, grasses, horses and dogs. I now have to do a 3 week food diary to work out what other foods are an issue. Amines have come up as an issue but there are 1000's of those. I've been slack though and haven't started the diary, it's on my to do list.

Hopefully tonight will be a better night in terms of sleep, Dios is asleep right now which is great. Weird little soul has definitely set his bedtime at 5.30pm or 6pm.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day three- contemplating whether flour contains yeast

Day three and I decided to follow your advice Ellie even though I hadn't received it yet. I came to the conclusion that it was a waste of time trying to make friends with people who aren't friendly, also known as mothers group can go fuck itself. I'll take my advice from my wonderful friends who are raising great individuals.

So went down and visited Jem in Toukley (Central Coast, this is a 20ish minute drive south for me) where we walked around the streets of Toukley discussing life in general. One of our big questions being does flour contain yeast or is yeast an additive and what things can I eat now that I have discovered I am allergic to bakers yeast and brewers yeast. Later in the supermarket I worked out there are some types of mountain bread I will be able to eat.

Watched Flo Rida (probably not right spelling) perform some song on TV and thought how much I am missing going out for a good dance. Realise that watching Flo Rida and thinking that was a bit weird as Flo Rida is not really my style. Then realised I hadn't been out since December last year to Blah Blah Blah which as Bella and Em witnessed was not a great success due to the fainting episode (lesson learnt going to dance festivals when heavily pregnant can be a health hazard).

Dios was a slight fail on the daytime sleeping but is asleep currently. Also I'm not sure why but I purchased a pantsuit off eBay, probably will be a massive fashion fail but we will see when it arrives. It is not the sort of pantsuit you would see in an American Apparel add though, not that I don't love American Apparel.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day two-winter I wish you would disappear and aimless driving

I know I complain about the cold alot but it's ridiculous at the moment. I have taken to wearing my puffa vest that was purchased for NZ last year. Today when walking the dogs though they insisted on swimming, go figure.

Other things done today- continue my favourite sport of aimless driving to achieve sleep (for Dios not me). Left the house at 10.00am because I could no longer stand being there,  headed to the library to find out about this previously mentioned Baby Einstein business which is for 1 year plus so started to think that most of the mothers in my group are over compensating or something. I borrowed a copy of In the Night Garden which I am slightly freaked out by, I think I may have watched an episode early one morning after a night out (enough said). After the library and a massive flat white I still had 1.5hr to kill before Gymbaroo so commenced the aimless driving. Dios slept which was the goal but I am hainted by my current wreckless distruction of the planets resources aimless driving plus disposable nappies I'm going to hell.

At Gymbaroo I encounted some of the people from my mothers group, it's confirmed I have become the weird person. The one girl who gives me the most disproving looks walked past me all session without saying a thing even though I said hi. Just reinforces the fish out of water feeling I get from this place. I am going to a coffee session with the people from mothers group tomorrow so I'll see how many looks I get and whether anyone talks to me or not. Hopefully the coffee will be ok.

Dios may or may not have rolled by himself today, I left him on his back on his sheep skin when I went into the kitchen when I came back he was on his front. Also discovered that he likes Heinz organic pear and bannana but not necessarily the pear I cooked and mashed for him.

I'll hopefully start putting up some photo's tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day one

So here goes Day 1 (I'll try for 365 but will see how that goes), what happened today-
Dios and I went to a mothers group thing we have been attending and I found out that I am totally behind in the mothering department because a) I am teaching my child one language as opposed to 4 b) I'm a definite fail in the mothering department because the only nursery rhyme I know is 'twinkle twinkle little star' and I'm pretty sure I don't even know that properly c) I am slightly behind the 8 ball because I have not been playing 'Baby Einstein' or 'Smart baby' to Dios and d) asked whether other mothers thought watching tv might be overstimulating for babies due to their new status on the planet.
On the plus side Dios had three day naps and is now asleep at 7:26pm since 6pm