Day one of this blog......

Why am I doing this?????Well I'm finding that I'm fairly lonely, occassionally bored and very over facebook so here we go. What will I blog about, who knows probably random stuff. You will have to excuse my poor blogging skills, hopefully this will improve.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wildlife spotting

This weekend Beau, Dios, the dogs and I went to Coffs Harbour on a peace keeping mission. The peace keeping mission was a fail but we stayed in a apartment that had a spa and I did some wildlife spotting. On the drive back from taking the dogs and Dios to the beach I spotted a koala on the road. I stopped the car and got out to make sure the koala was off the road and took these photoes:

Both were taken with my 18-55mm lens so I was about half a metre away from the koala and he/she wasn't bothered at all. The poor thing looks like it has clymadia or some other disease by the clowdy look of its eye. I thought about patting her/him but thought it a bad idea and that I was likely to be bitten and scratched.

Discussions in relation to the failed peace keeping mission got me thinking; is it better to say you love someone when you don't or only say you love someone when you really mean it? Personally I would prefer to know that someone means it when they say they love me.

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  1. Can you tell i'm doing some catch up blog reading? It's been a while since i checked in on your blog, and it's nice to have a few to read! The koala photos are great! what a cool thing to see. poor thing though... must be blind?
    i want to know more about the failed peace keeping mission. details when you come to queensland please.
    in relation to your pondering: i have never told someone i loved them when i didn't. (except when i yelled it at ben harper on stage when i went to blues and roots in year 11). the word does seem to get thrown around a lot. now i really am curious!