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Thursday, September 29, 2011

How am I going to achieve my want list?

Thanks for commenting on my wish list Em, it reminded me that I need to have some type of actions in relation to the wish list so here is my action list for my wish list-
1.A house of my own where I could have a veggie garden, paint what I want and not have to deal with bitch landlords.
Well this one is the hard one in economical terms anyway. So the beginning for this one is to start saving, which also relies on No. 4 and also me becoming better at saving. I have a million and one things I want to do with a house of my own but the savings is the first bit. I can probably start on the veggies though and plan to plant some seeds soon. Due to the bitch of a landlord that owns this place not allowing us to plant anything it will be in pots which I will have to remember to water.

2.A horse of my own that I can do dressage and eventing with.
In my spare time when Dios is asleep I have already been daydreaming over my horse via the internet and varius websites. First step though involves pinning Beau down as to whether we are staying in the area or moving. Second back to work to get funding. I'm looking at an ex-racehorse at this stage as that is more achievable then buying the warmblood I drool over.
3.Travel.Travel. Travel. Travel. Travel.
This is a never ending statement but I'm off to Bali in December so I guess a portion of this is achieved. Then Spain within the next few years.
4.To go back to work.
Work has requested I go back three days a week starting in January so I have to arrange care for Dios. I might have to expand this statement to also finding a job that isn't boring but I'll stick with go back to work until I've gone back to work.

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  1. Great!!!
    I give you an A+

    3 days a week in January sounds good too!