Day one of this blog......

Why am I doing this?????Well I'm finding that I'm fairly lonely, occassionally bored and very over facebook so here we go. What will I blog about, who knows probably random stuff. You will have to excuse my poor blogging skills, hopefully this will improve.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things I have learnt

Time seems to be getting away from me at the moment so sorry for not posting for awhile. Not alot has happened but there are a few things I have learnt over the past two weeks-

1. A new dance, we shall call it the raincoat dance. Bella and I invented this one at Parklife. It's not very sexy and its rather uncomfortable to do as it requires dancing whilst wearing your raincoat, which in my case is rather large. Also the raincoat dance will shred you stockings when the velcro catches them with every move.

2. Festivals are not that fun when you are straight.Also festivals tend to be frequented by weirdoes.

3. Sex shops need sexing up. The interiors need a makeover and also staff need to be a little bit more attractive.

Dios is trying his hardest to crawl and can get up on all fours but when he moves forward he tends to face plant.

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