Day one of this blog......

Why am I doing this?????Well I'm finding that I'm fairly lonely, occassionally bored and very over facebook so here we go. What will I blog about, who knows probably random stuff. You will have to excuse my poor blogging skills, hopefully this will improve.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sick little boy

I have a sick bub, I took Dios to the doctors on Tuesday because he was overly tired, grizzly and had a temperature. The doctor diagnosed it as a virus, so poor Dios has spent the last four days being quiet unwell with high temps when the weather has also been hot. Today the temps are down BUT unfortunately he is still upset and has a rash so after a call to the health hotline it will be back to the doctors tomorrow. Poor little buddy he is trying so hard to be happy.

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  1. hugs for poor dios. do you have a water sprayer? you could randomly spray him to cool him off and maybe cheer him up? although then he might go mouldy. not so nice.
    i hope you're coping ok, and getting some sleep.
    em xo