Day one of this blog......

Why am I doing this?????Well I'm finding that I'm fairly lonely, occassionally bored and very over facebook so here we go. What will I blog about, who knows probably random stuff. You will have to excuse my poor blogging skills, hopefully this will improve.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sleep is wonderful

Last night Dios slept from 6pm to 2.30am with a feed and change then back to sleep till 6.30am so today I don't feel like such a zombie and the world actually feels like a positive place.Due to sleep deprivation not alot has been happening lately. I have purchased bumpers as recommended by you guys and Dios has managed to get about 75% day sleeps in his cot.
Yesterday I purchased a highchair for Dios which apart from being great for eating is also wonderful to wack and great for games of hide and seek.

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