Day one of this blog......

Why am I doing this?????Well I'm finding that I'm fairly lonely, occassionally bored and very over facebook so here we go. What will I blog about, who knows probably random stuff. You will have to excuse my poor blogging skills, hopefully this will improve.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not sure what day in terms of numbers but it is Sunday

OK so I've been away for awhile and not really kept up with the day blogging thing but I do have a reason, Dios and I took a road trip to Armidale.
It didn't start out too well as I headed north along the usual route to find out that mothernature wanted to add extra km's to my journey. I headed to Gloucester to visit a friend and then found out that a landslip had blocked Thunderbolt's way so I had to back track to Dungog then to Singleton and down the New England Highway. All in all the journey was twice as long by the time I got to Armidale. I stayed with beautiful Ellie, Paul and their lovely girls who were great entertainment for Dios. Armidale surprisingly wasn't as cold as expected and it was nice to hang out at Ellie's house and meet the foal that is out there.
The journey back wasn't as bad and I surprised to find out Uralla has a subway.
Dios has started blowing raspberries and squeeling which is a rather amusing way to wake up.
I have also decided that perhaps I was a bit ambitious to believe I could blog everyday so it will probably change to a couple times a week.
I received the pantsuit and have tried it on due to an unfortunate side effect of pregnancy (disappear glutes) the pantsuit doesn't look quiet right. So I will be looking for a new home for it if anyone wants a size 8 Jacqui E green pantsuit let me know.

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  1. Require photo of said pantsuit please! - on. not layed out on the floor. we'll be the judge if it looks good or not!